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Fast pain relief in a unique environment

For more than 26 years, our primary focus at Dr. Dudzik’s Neck and Back Clinic, has  been to help you get out of pain as fast as possible. Whether you need help with pain in your neck, back, head, shoulders, knees, hips or other problem areas, Dr.Dudzik can provide you with quick relief as well as a path to lasting wellness.

When you visit our clinic, you will experience a very unique environment. Unlike many clinical settings, what you will find is a welcoming, spa-like atmosphere with pleasing colors, gentle aromas and subdued lighting for our headache sufferers. We try to make your experience as soothing and helpful as possible.

Meet Dr. Dudzik

Our Philosophy of Care

A drug-free approach to better health

The science of good health is largely dependent on a properly functioning nervous system.

Thirty-one pairs of nerves exit from between the movable bones of the spine and control all bodily functions. If the spine is mis-aligned, one or more of these nerves won’t work properly and will cause health problems.


Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to evaluate this type of problem and correct it.

In this day of a pill for every problem and side effects with every pill, Dr. Dudzik offers a safe, sane, more rational solution – a drug-free approach to better health.


If you and your family engaged in regular drug-free chiropractic care for one entire year, your medicine cabinet would look quite empty. You would look at life and health in a whole new way. Why? Because good health is not dependent on pills, potions and lotions. Sickness happens for a reason and a healthy body is the best defense against it and the insecurity of today’s health care delivery system.

Benefits of a Drug-Free Chiropractic Lifestyle

By adopting a drug-free chiropractic lifestyle you can expect to gain:

 •  A stronger immune system


  • A more flexible and durable spine


  • The confidence of being in control of your own life and well being


  • Reliable health information that is effective and empowering for you and your family

There is Never a Good Time to be in Pain

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 • No referral needed


 • National and State Board certified


 • Insurance accepted


 • NYS No-Fault and Workers Compensation approved

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