What our clients say

I could not work, walk or even exercise. Appreciate the prompt and personal care

Carol B

Dr. Bob has been my Chiropractor for over 10 years.  During that time I have been treated for severe back pain and routine visits to maintain good spinal health. Chiropractic medicine has kept me active and healthy through both acute and chronic pain

Randy W

Waiting to visit Dr. Bob after an injury will only delay the time to recovery. Dr. Bob is very caring and listens

Gary K

 A Testimonial by Joe Carballa

Before Care:

Freight business for 28 years...long life of damaging my body, lifting, etc. One day an injury threatened to destroy my ability to work (and live.) I found Dr Dudzik after a referral from my mom, who always trusted Dr Dudzik. I was a grown man on the floor in tears because of the pain. I was also afraid I'd lose my "buck" afraid I'd lose my job over the disability.

During Care:

I followed the doctor's advice exactly...at home and at his office. My life improved from the first visit. After 6 months of treatment, I could finally see myself able to finish my career and live out the rest of my life without pain.

After My Experience:

No one else is allowed to "Touch my back!" Dr Bob made me function again and kept me going when no one else could. He is an angel of mercy - honorable, intelligent and trustworthy.